Fume Extractor & Industrial Air Cleaner Accessories

Compatable with All Fumex Models

Fumex offers fume extractor accessories to extend the versatility and effectiveness of our Industrial Fume Extractors. Accessories include: fume hoods, nozzles, Fume Extraction Arms, hoses, pre-filters and more. These accessories, combined with our exceptional air cleaners and our years of hands on experience, allow us to to design the perfect clean air system to meet you needs. We Aim to Clear the Air.

Our Clean Air Experts will custom configure an accessory package that will fit your specific application.  Contact us to today discuss your particular needs or send us your specifications.

Fume Extractor Hoods & Nozzles

We offer a variety of fume hoods and nozzles for laser fume extraction, welding fume extractors, dust collectors, odor and gas removal, 3D printing and indoor air purification. Our hoses are compatible with all Fumex commercial & industrial fume extraction systems.

With your specifications, we can design an accessory package that meets or exceeds your needs. Contact us  today.

Bell-Mouth Suction Nozzle
2" - FXA-125  /  3" - FXA-127

Straight Nozzle
2" - FA-125  /  3" - FA-127

Rectangular Nozzle

Bench Hood 1

Bench Hood 2

Fume Extraction Arms

Our Fume Extraction Arms allow our fume extractors the flexibility to be used for everything from laser printing and labeling, 3D printing, dental labs, welding fumes, dust collectors, odor removal and more.

With your specific design and application information we can custom build an accessory package that meets facility's needs. Contact us  today.

Fumex, Inc. | Fume Extractor Hoods and Nozzles
Fumex Articulating Arms

Flexible Arm 36”

Flexible Arm 48”

Articulating Arm 2” dia
A -28-2

Articulating Arm 3” dia

Fume Extraction Hoses

We stock hoses and related parts for fume and dust extraction. All of our hoses are suitable for use in all Fumex Air Filtration Systems, whether you need to remove Gas Fumes, Laser Fumes, Engraving & Marking fumes, Dental Lab fumes or just simple dust.

With your specific requirements, in hand, we can design an accessory package that meets your needs. Contact us today for a detailed quote.

3-Way Hose Union

Spark Arrestors (or Spark Traps)

The Fumex FA150 Spark Arrestor is designed for use in applications where hot, burning particulates have the potential to enter the Fumex extraction units.

The FA150 is compact, easy to maintain and easily installed in line with any Fumex unit.

Just tell us what you need. We can design an accessory package that meets your needs. Contact us today for a detailed quote.

External High Capacity Pre-filter | FB-1

The Fumex FB-1 pre-filter is designed for use in high volume applications. This pre-filter is used in-line with all Fumex Extraction units to protect and extend the life of the internal Fumex filters.

The FB-1 utilizes a large capacity, extended surface area filter with excellent performance and durability and is available in a variety of efficiency ranges. A high visibility filter monitor will indicate when filter change is necessary.

Once we learn more about your application, we can better help you put together the proper set of accessories that will let you get the most out of your Fumex Air Filtration system.  Contact us today for a detailed quote.

Fumex offers a fill range of Industrial Air Cleaner Accessories. Contact us to discuss your needs. Custom parts and assemblies are available.   Fumex, Inc. is in business to help you 'Clear the Air'.

Laser Fume Extraction
Pharmaceutical /Medical Manufacturing
Laboratory/Cleanroom Etc…
Laser Fume Extraction
Pharmaceutical /Medical Manufacturing
Laboratory/Cleanroom Etc…