Why Made in the USA Matters

As we head into the holiday season, it is a perfect time to start thinking about family, friends, gifts, and manufacturing. Manufacturing? Although manufacturing never shows up on anyone’s gift list, it will if you choose to spend some money on products that are made here in America.

Buying American goes beyond just feeling patriotic. It builds our economy, ensures quality, manufacturingday9and guarantees safe and fair working conditions. After years of declining manufacturing because production was moved to cheaper overseas markets, we are beginning to see the industry expand. To keep this going, we all need to understand why it is important to consider buying products that have been made here.

The economic facts are these:

  • For every $1 spent on products made in the U.S., $1.35 is invested back into the economy.
  • For spending $64 this season on gifts made here at home, 200,000 jobs could be created.

The U.S. energy boom has created an atmosphere that benefits the ‘reshoring’ of American manufacturing. By supporting manufacturers who are committed to staying in America and employing our friends and neighbors we are all making a statement that we value high quality and safe products.

More than just manufacturing depends on a strong industry. If manufacturing expands, so do all the industries that support it. From supply chain to machine builders to technology staff, many people are indirectly involved in manufacturing. Being aware of how buying American can cause positive change is the first step in realizing that a small change in spending can have a big impact on the economy.

At Fumex we have always understood the value of manufacturing in America. Outsourcing could never meet our quality standards or the lead time that our clients require. Knowing our manufacturing process and our client’s needs mean we are able to provide exceptional equipment and service. Contact us for more information.