Understanding Source-Capture Fume Extraction

High quality fume extraction is extremely important for workplace health and safety.  Many who use—or are considering using—fume extraction systems have come across the term source-capture fume extraction.  But what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Source-capture fume extraction involves fume extractors that capture fumes and particulates at the source—as the name implies.  The differentiation is that these are capturing these hazardous materials at the place of emission, rather than simply purifying the air in a room.  Whatever the application or type of extractor being used, the extractor is placed close to the emission source.  Therefore, contaminants are captured and eliminated from the air, long before they can reach the people in the room and potentially cause damage.

There are different types of source-capture fume extractors: Some utilize pre-filters and main filters, while others vent what is captured outside, and others have hooded enclosures that will extract and contain contaminants.  They can have one or several extraction arms, whose materials and characteristics vary based on applications.  What they all have in common is their ability to effectively remove harmful fumes and particulates from the air, and ensure a safer environment for those working within it.

Some of the many fumes and particulates that can be removed include: printing fumes, laser fumes, welding fumes, soldering fumes, dental lab dust, industrial odors, and more.  Working with a manufacturer with experience and expertise in source-capture fume extraction—who has the technical knowledge to ensure everything is made to the highest degree of quality—means knowing that employees are safe, and their jobs can be done as they should be.

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